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Adam Veilleux


Adam is a born entrepreneur. Excellent at both commercial and residential Real Estate in South Palm Beach County. His dad was a founding member of one of the largest auto parts distributors in Canada. “My father gave me perseverance and wisdom.  My mother gave me her big heart and self-giving characteristic.” Adam started as a managing partner in his father’s company in the early 2000s, working at managing the leases, and renovations & maintenance of the 2 buildings they had at that time. His father always told him that Real Estate investment equates to stability, opportunities, and security. “My father is my biggest inspiration, for all that he achieved and what he taught me, not just in business but more importantly on the human side. I will always be grateful to him.”

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His Story


Adam knows the waterfront homes in South Palm Beach County inside and out. Growing up in the town of Saint-Georges, just South of Quebec City and 15 minutes from the Maine border, it’s no wonder Adam loves the warm waters of Florida. At just 21, he purchased his first waterfront property on a small lake close to his hometown where you can enjoy boating and fishing at its best. Every winter, his parents moved to Sunny Isles Beach and he watched the town grow from only one high rise tower (The Pinnacle) to the countless towers you see today. Adam loves everything to do with water, from water skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, or just chilling in a boat on the canal. At home, his family’s philosophy is to be outside as much as possible and enjoy yourself! As often as he can, Adam likes to work outside and enjoy the tropical Floridian breeze. 


















Adam is great at problem solving and believes that “Listening first” is the key to finding resolution. He always likes to say that he has more solutions than problems to solve. Every situation, no matter how stressful it is, he knows there is always a solution for it. And he’s old-fashioned in that he always writes things down to make sure nothing is ever missed. The first house Adam bought in Florida was in a 55+ community along with his mother, and he quickly learned about the complexities of some of these communities. “It’s a small world where all the neighbors know each other, and folks have a lot of time to check on everyone. I now live in a family & pet friendly community, with my wife and our young daughter, which is very different but also has a lot of bylaws to observe.” Adam also owns a property by the canal as an investment so he is intimately familiar with all different forms of Real Estate.


Adam spent 2009 and 2010 in China and it really helped in mastering negotiation.  He is excellent with numbers, managing projects, and implementing them. He has lived in Australia, China, Canada, and Florida and speaks fluent French & English and some Mandarin. Investors love working with Adam for his mix of language, finance, culture, and easy straightforward demeanor.  “After my mandarin lessons, I loved going to the Chinese markets and practicing the language by negotiating with local people. I learned when to push and when to withhold depending on the person I have in front of me.” This experience has truly been the best education for his successful Real Estate negotiations. No matter if it's ‘Ce sentir bien à la maison' or  家,甜蜜的家, let Adam find your Home Sweet Home.

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